Bobcat Co-Founder Hosts Military Warriors Hunt

Our Spike S Ranch in Irion County, Texas is steeped in history. Old West outlaws like Black Jack Ketchum rode it. During World War II, it was a bombing range. And when Dr. Pepper Snapple leased the ranch, zebras and wildebeests roamed it. My family has owned the property for over 100 years and I grew up here, but never has it been so special as when I host the heroes of the Military Warriors Support Foundation (MWSF).

I had the privilege of being joined by 8 heroes in early October at the lodge. As the deer hunting season opened, we took to the blinds at dawn and dusk. Despite their varied and immense military accomplishments, several had never hunted deer before so that was a thrill!

Military Warriors Hunt

The heroes shared the experiences of having been medically-retired following injuries in the line of duty while serving in the U.S. Military, many in Iraq and Afghanistan. But they are a diverse lot too.

Former Cavalry Scout Dusty Wilmore raises zebu cattle and Nigerian Dwarf goats, operates a mobile grooming business and likes to work with leather and spend time with his family.  One of his goals for the future is “to live life to the fullest.”

Former Infantryman Tyler Steinle has a bachelor’s degree in Evangelism and enjoys working with his hands. He strives to be a great father and husband.

Former Rifleman Kelsey Smith’s future plans include “continuing to help my peers, veterans and civilians alike grow and better themselves, their families and their communities.” It’s a common theme among this group.

The weekend’s white-tailed deer hunt yielded 21 bucks and 6 does, with the focus on harvesting bucks to keep the population in line. All the meat was processed, packaged and sent home with the heroes as food.

During down time, the group shot skeet, pitched washers, watched college football and sat by the campfire, and laughed and laughed and laughed, sharing a brotherly companionship that perhaps these warriors alone can understand.

And the food, prepared by Muhammad Ali’s former chef Mike Holdridge who works at the ranch, just kept coming: ribs, BBQ, brisket, steak, biscuits and gravy, and more.

One hero wrote later about his weekend, “It was truly an experience of a lifetime.  Everyone at the ranch was awesome and the food was amazing.  I honestly had not laughed as hard as I did this weekend in a very long time. My wife even commented that I seemed more relaxed when I got home …”

For me, the heroes’ laughter is the best kind of thank you for inviting home members of the Military Warriors Support Foundation.  Nothing makes me feel better than to see these men and women relax and let loose with like-minded people.

Military Warriors Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity which provides support and programs to facilitate a smooth and successful transition for our nation’s combat wounded heroes and Gold Star families. Its programs focus on housing and homeownership, recreational activities, transportation assistance and leadership development. To learn more visit: