Bobcat Minerals
Your mineral assets are in good hands with Bobcat Minerals.

Bobcat Minerals offers a full range of services to help manage mineral rights and royalty interests, as well as personalized consulting for acquiring new mineral rights. Whether you’ve inherited mineral rights or want to purchase or sell minerals, we will guide you every step of the way, providing advisory support, project management, geologic research and financial analysis.

Our unique network of partners and strict discretion has consistently generated proprietary opportunities for mineral rights owners throughout the United States, including the Permian Basin with a particular focus on the Midland Basin in West Texas.

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We’re ready to work with you on your unique mineral rights goals.

If you’ve received a letter from us regarding your minerals and have questions, click Contact so that we can connect and provide you with a customized assessment of your opportunities.

We’re committed to sustainable natural resource management.

Bobcat Group was built on a foundation of long-term sustainability and is actively involved in ongoing energy transition projects to help protect the environment and support sustainable resource solutions. For us, maintaining a commitment to sustainable practices in harvesting and using natural resources isn’t an afterthought. It’s part of our DNA and goes into every decision we make on behalf of our company and our partners.

Are you new to mineral rights?

If you are the new owner of a mineral title or are looking to acquire mineral rights, you may have many questions.

  • What are oil and gas royalties?
  • Who owns mineral rights?
  • What is my mineral rights value?
  • Should I sell my mineral rights?
  • What is an oil and gas mineral lease?

You may have even heard the advice to never sell mineral rights.

The experienced team at Bobcat Minerals will help you navigate the various elements of managing, acquiring, selling and leasing mineral assets that will benefit you and your family not only for today, but also for your future.